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About Me

Hi! And welcome to Fix Yo Self! Join me as we improve our health, get lean, and eat clean! Let me walk you through a diet plan inspired by Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix as I share recipes, meal plans, and diet hacks.

About Fix Yo Self:

I started Fix Yo Self as a way to share my story of successfully losing the baby weight. After trying multiple diet challenges, lifestyle changes, and workout routines, I have finally found one that worked for me and the way I like to eat. I have spent years being uncomfortable with my body, even when I weighed my lowest. After completing this program and living a new lifestyle compliant with the 21 day principles, I am finally feeling confident in my own skin.

About Me:

My name is Danielle, I am twenty something kick-ass stay at home mom. As most of you probably do, I wear many hats during the day: beach body coach, guest services coordinator, caregiver for my hubby (his brain likes to bleed due to an explosion in Iraq and Afghanistan), maid, servant, personal shopper, live-in chef, house keeper, zoo keeper…okay the last few might be a exaggeration.

I love Jesus, my family, cooking, working out, happy hour, shopping (obviously). I would add traveling to that this, but this girl does not have the money for that yet. Im excited to share my journey with you guys and hopefully share some inspiration and guidance.

Thank you for checking Fix Yo’ Self out!!

If your ready to get the body you’ve always wanted but never had email me at dcappseck@gmail.com